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Celebration of Attendance

Highest attendance last half term (2ndHalf of Autumn Term 2017-18) was 4H with 21 children having 100% attendance.

Well Done 4H!

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Christmas cards
Children in year groups Reception to year 6 may bring Christmas cards in to school from next Monday 11th December. They should ensure that the recipient’s full name and class is on the envelope so that all cards get delivered to the right children or adults. Children should bring them in their school bags and post them in the post box in school and each year group from year 2 to year 6 will be given the opportunity to collect and deliver the post during each day that week and the last week of term.

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Crossing Patrol

After an absence of many years, we are delighted that the London Borough of Hillingdon has appointed a new crossing patrol lady, Mandy Bishop, who will be starting with us next Monday afternoon.

In school we have been reminding the children about the role of the school crossing patroller and the need to listen to what they are told and to give respect to the person. Please can I ask parents to do the same. We are very grateful that the London Borough of Hilligdon has appointed a new member of staff - let us all work to make Mandy feel at home quickly and let her know she is appreciated.

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Talk PANTS… and have the simple conversation that can keep your child safe

The NSPCC have created a guide to simple conversations to help keep your child safe. This guide will help you have the important conversation with your 4-11 year old child about their body, and what to do if they’re made to feel worried or uncomfortable.

Click HERE for a copy of the leaflet.


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The Annual Parent Diary is now available on the bottom of the School Diary.

Please click HERE.

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When your child returns in September please can you make sure all school uniform has your child's name in it!


If you order Stikins Name Labels for your children's uniform using the link:-

We receive commission from your order. Last year we received a cheque of £66.60!

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