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Welcome to St Bernadette Catholic Primary School


Welcome to the website of St. Bernadette Catholic Primary School. Our school is a caring school in the very centre of the parish community of St. Bernadette. We have 480 children in our school ranging from children aged 3 in the Nursery through to children aged 11 in Year 6. We strive for excellence for all of our children in the fullest way – both in academic terms and in the development of our children as well-rounded, compassionate young people. Our aims for the children are set out in St. Bernadette school values.

We hope you will find out more about our school and the many opportunities we provide for our children through this website.

Colette Acres,  

Head teacher

St Bernadette School Values

At St Bernadette School children are taught and encouraged to think, to learn, to listen, to read, to write, to know when to speak and how to speak well and to have compassion for each other. The Gospel values of Jesus Christ are the framework by which school operates.

At St Bernadette School, we the adults share the belief that all of our children can succeed and feel successful and we support all of our children to help transform their lives. At St Bernadette School we seek to give children roots to grow and wings to fly.

St Bernadette School Mission Statement


St Bernadette School takes us on a journey where we learn to value ourselves and each other with Christ as our guide.







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