Curriculum Provision

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Design and Technology is taught in the Foundation Stage as part of Creative Development. In Key Stages 1 and 2 children build up their skills and work more independently as they progress through the school. The activities in Design and Technology are typically taught through cross-curricular project work and build upon the prior learning of the children.

In every unit of work, children use their creativity and imagination to design, make and problem solve using a range of different tools and materials. Children evaluate a range of existing products, their own ideas and products against the design criteria and that of others.

Topics Taught

Children in both key stages have the opportunity to prepare and cook healthy food, use different textiles, build structures, and explore and use mechanisms.

Year Group

Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term

Year 1


Children taste fruit and vegetables as part of their work on healthy and balanced diets.


Year 2

Children design and make Nativity puppets as part of their work on the Christmas story.


Children design and make a vehicle for use in the Polar Regions as part of their Geography topic on the Arctic and Antarctic.

Year 3



Children design a healthy snack.

Year 4

Children design and make an African wall hanging as part of their work on the continent of Africa.


Children design and make a moving toy for their pen pals in Reception.

Year 5

Children design and make a healthy pasta salad as part of their work on Italy.



Year 6

Children design and make Hawaiian T-shirts as part of their topic on Hawaii.


Children design and make bridges with moving parts.


Please see the Curriculum Statements for each year group for further information on the Design and Technology topics taught.