Speaking and Listening


We believe that a pupil’s ability to speak and listen well lays the foundations for pupils when moving onto secondary school and for the world of work when they will be required to speak for audiences of different sizes . In the Foundation Stage, the importance of teaching pupils to speak clearly and listen attentively cannot be over stated. Without these skills, pupil will find it very difficult to make progress in their learning in all other areas of the curriculum.  At all other stages of development beyond this, pupils are taught to speak audibly and fluently with an increasing command of Standard English and staff aim to be good role models for this, at all times during the school day.  Within English lessons and across other areas of the curriculum, this is achieved by encouraging pupils to listen and respond appropriately to adults and their peers and then ask relevant questions to extend their understanding and knowledge.  Through spelling, reading and discussion, pupils build their vocabulary and are then given opportunities to use this growing vocabulary in discussions, presentations, performances, role play, improvisations and debates.