At St Bernadette, we follow The National Curriculum aims for mathematics. These ensure that all pupils become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics, reason mathematically and can solve problems. Details of the Programme of Study for Mathematics can be found here.

To meet these aims of the National Curriculum, the school is moving towards a mastery approach to mathematics so our pupils can become confident mathematicians. At St. Bernadette, we put a great emphasis on ‘understanding’ rather than just ‘learning’ about mathematics. We are using resources from White Rose Maths Hub to support teachers in delivering this approach. The White Rose mastery approach has number at the heart. A large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number and place value at the beginning of each year to build competency. Our pupils also learn about a wide range of mathematical concepts, key skills, key facts and strategies so they are able to use, apply and communicate these in an assured manner. Teachers have high expectations of every child. They provide a depth of understanding and challenge pupil’s thinking and approach to solving mathematical problems. Pupils are also provided with a range of visual images and concrete resources to aid their understanding. All these enable pupils to become confident and resilient learners.


The children are introduced to methods of calculation through practical, oral and mental activities. From an early age, mental arithmatic is given a strong emphasis. Your child will soon begin to use specific methods, and understand and use mathematical signs and symbols. (Please find our calcuation policies below.)

How To Help Your Child At Home:-

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