Governors' Building Fund

As a Catholic School, we have to pay 10% of the cost of all building projects, as well as 10% of some other spends.  This 10% cannot be met from the annual budget that we receive from the government but must come from parental contributions.   This is why we ask every family every year to help us meet these costs through voluntary contributions.  Very many of you do this, year after year, and we are very grateful for your support. 

How we have spent School Building Fund Donations 

Over the last 2 academic years, your support has enabled us to carry out the following projects: 

Projects/Work Completed Total Cost Amount funded by Development Fund
Drainage project – Summer 2016 £150,000 £15,000 (10%)
Flooring renovation in various classrooms - Summer 2016 £2,990 £2,990 (100%)
Carpets/Vinyl replacements - Summer 2016 £1,566 £1,566 (100%)
Replacement blinds in various classrooms and Main school hall – Summer 2016 £5,256 £5,256 (100%)
Decoration/Refurbishment – Summer 2016 £1,590 £1,590 (100%)
KS1 Outdoor storage – Summer 2016 £9,774 £9,774 (100%)
Upgrade of Electrical/Lighting – Spring 2017 £7,674 £7,674 (100%)
Darwin Main Entrance Gate – Spring 2017 £9,540 £9,540 (100%)
Replace Playground Sails – KS1 – Summer 2017 £1,488 £1,488 (100%)
Tarmac/Resurface Grounds across the School – Summer 2017 £5,904 £5,904 (100%)
Wet Pour Repairs around Adventure Playground – KS2 Summer 2017 £2,442 £2,442 (100%)
Gas Repairs Main Hall & Kitchen – Summer 2017 £27,252 £27,252 (100%)
Heating Project – Summer 2017 £167,000 £16,700 (10%)
TOTAL 2016/17


How to make donations 

We ask for a payment of £60 per year per family for the academic year – although if you are not able to continue this much we would be pleased to receive any donation from you.  If you are able to support us by paying £60, this can be as a one-off payment or £20.00 for each term.  Termly letters are sent to parents to request donations. The latest letter can be found here. Where possible we would prefer donations to be made online or by cheque made payable to St Bernadette Catholic Primary School.  

If you wish to spread the cost (£5 per month) over the year, a standing order form can be downloaded here. 


Gift Aid 

If you would like to help the school make your donation go further, you can complete a Gift Declaration Form if you pay taxes.  This can be downloaded here.  This will enable the school to reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that you give.  

HMRC have very strict guidelines with regard to reclaiming gift aid tax and our procedures are audited regularly.  In order to reclaim the gift aid tax payments must be made from the person registered as a donor.  This includes online payments, cheque signatories and name of payees.  E.g. if a Gift Aid Donor is recorded in a marital name the payment cannot be from a maiden name.  If you have registered as a Gift Aid Donor you must notify the school of any changes to your personal details or circumstances that will affect your gift aid status.  

We thank you for your continued support in School Building Fund Donations.