School Hours

Timing of the School Day


Morning sessions: 8.35am-11.25am

 Afternoon sessions: 12.20pm-3.10pm


Morning: 8.45am-12.00pm

Afternoon: 1.00pm-3.10pm

Year 1:

Morning: 8.45am-12.00pm

Afternoon: 1.00pm-3.10pm

Year 2:

Morning: 8.45am-12.00pm

Afternoon: 1.00pm-3.10pm

Years 3 - 6:

Morning: 8.45am-12.15pm

Afternoon: 1.15pm-3.15pm

Morning break for Reception, KS1 & KS2:


Afternoon break for Reception and KS1:



Being Late  to collect a child!

It has been brought to our attention that some children are being collected late at the end of the school day on a regular basis. Whilst we do appreciate that this can sometimes be unavoidable due to traffic etc., it is not acceptable on a regular basis. In particular, this is not acceptable for younger children who can and do sometimes become distressed if their regular routine is disrupted.  We would appreciate it if you could work  with us to ensure that  your child is collected on time whenever possible.  If  you are aware that you will be collecting your child  at least 10 minutes late or more, for whatever reason, can you please telephone the school office and let them know as early as possible.  This will prevent un-necessary calls being made to establish the reason for your lateness, and enable us to reassure your child.  Thank you for your co-operation in this matter.



End of day

Parents are reminded that, at the end of each school day, once the children have been dismissed into your care, or into the care of someone nominated by you, they are your responsibility. Please keep your child with you, and under no circumstances should you send them back into the school building. This is for health and safety reasons. We will endeavour to ensure that children have everything they need at the end of the day, so that there should be no reason for anyone to re-enter school. If your child needs the toilet when they have been dismissed to you, they must use the toilets in the Parish Hall.

Thank you for your consideration.